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Meet Me At The Eddy: A Riverside Place To Gather

Commercial Designs

Envisioned to be a gathering place and a destination for outdoor enthusiasts and trailblazers alike, The Eddy at the Bridge follows the curves of the Vedder River and connects with more than 20 km of Vedder Rotary Trails, with countless ways to explore.

As a collaborative venture between Gerry Enns Construction, Emil Anderson Properties and the Emil Anderson Group, The Eddy offers a diverse collection of built-to-suit commercial spaces, which will be home to Vedder River Brewing, Project Climbing, Banter Ice Cream, Loop Tackle Design and The Studio by Spring, 2022.

“Though we’re still under construction, we’ve already received a very warm welcome from the community,” says Vice President, Gerry Enns.  “Whether you want to grab a beer, enjoy and ice cream, or share your stories from a day spent along the river, there’s a little something for everyone at The Eddy.”

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